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Our product has received an incredible response on all the markets we have entered. Our goal is therefore to venture deeper into each market and to open new markets in Europe and Asia. In the long term we also want to launch our products in Australia and North America. Another goal is to expand our product range to make more variants of our sparkling birch sap wine, so that we can reach new consumer groups that respond to variations in price and taste.


To be able to continue on our journey, we are looking for brand ambassadors among our consumers that can educate the market about our products, spread the word and enable continued investments in marketing and product portfolio expansion. We are extremely proud of the product we have achieved and would like to share this pride with all those who believe in the high value of Swedish quality, sustainability and natural products in a conservative industry!



Organic Swedish perfection

With the raw materials of clean water, fresh air and untouched nature, we have made a well-balanced sparkling with a pure, fresh and crispy taste of green apples and a touch of sweetness. 

The birch sap is carefully harvested through small holes drilled in the tree trunk. The sap is then pasteurized and stored in designated containers to stay clean and fresh. The birch trees are not harmed in the harvesting process and the forest remains healthy and strong year after year.


Méthode Suédoise

Wine has been made for centuries and there are many known methods for producing different types of sparkling wines. 

Our SAV 1785 is produced in a way that combines the "méthode traditionelle”, and the "méthode ancestrale".

We call it the ”Méthode Suédoise”. Before the first fermentation in the tank is finished, we add some yeast and sugar and move the birch wine to a bottle where it becomes bubbly and reaches perfection.

This is a Swedish sparkling, and the method was developed by us in Sweden to suit our raw material, birch sap. That is why we call it "Méthode Suédoise”.


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